So where did our street names come from??

Below is a partial list of streets in Island Lakes, along with a brief history. This information was

obtained from the Planning, Property and Development Department of the City of Winnipeg. Should any of our readers have updates on the streets we missed, please contact Lindsey Wilson at 204-254-6391.

  • Arpin Bay – Named after Maurice J. Arpin, LawyerDeCaigny Cove – from St. Boniface street name list.

  • Beaupre Bay – a long time teacher and principal at the St. Norbert Convent who lived in the St Norbert areabetween l875 and l900.

  • Blvd De La Seigneurie – No history available

  • Brian Monkman Bay – first Chairperson of the Island Lakes Residents’ Group and founding member. Brian has devoted countless hours of his personal time to the community. One of the first residents of Island Lakes in the fall of l985.

  • Cassin Crescent – from St. Boniface street list

  • Charbonneau Crescent – Jean Baptiste Charbonneau was a soldier, fur trader and mason. Born in 1795 in Boucherville, Que. , he worked on the construction of the St. Boniface Cathedral in l832. Died in St. Boniface in l883.

  • Chenier Bay – Victor Chenier, one of the first two students at Red River under Bishop Provencher.

  • Desjardin Drive – Father Josephat Dominique Desjardins, Oblate priest, born in l908 in Springfield, Massachusetts. Ordained at Sherbrooke, Que in l933 and came to Manitoba that year. He served in Winnipeg, Russell and Swan River. Father Omer Desjardins, Oblate priest, born in Marcelin, Sask. In l932 and ordained there in l958. He served in Winnipeg, Elie, St. Francois Xavier, St Norbert, as chaplain at the Misericordia and St. Boniface Hospitals, and in administrative positions in St. Boniface (Casa Bonita).

  • Evelyn Reese Blvd – former city councillor for St. Boniface who was instrumental in assisting the Island LakesResidents’ Group establish and open lines of communication between the ILRG and City of Winnipeg.

  • Gauvreau Road – Pioneer family of St. Boniface. Old records for l876 show entries for Joseph Alfred and Adjutor Gauvreau living on Rue Notre Dame.

  • Georges Druwe Crescent – former president of Franco Manitoba.

  • Henry Dormer Drive – Henry Dormer was the owner of the land now known as Island Lakes. A pioneer family, they farmed these lands for generations.

  • Huppe Bay – No history available.

  • Langton Drive – from St. Boniface street name list.

  • Leger Crescent – No history available.

  • Lessard Place – no history available.

  • McKall Bay – from St. Boniface street name list.

  • Pamela Road – granddaughter of Henry Dormer.

  • Pauline Boutal Crescent – submitted by the St. Boniface Historical Society for having significant historical value. Pauline Boutal became the director of the Cercle Moliere, the French theatre company, in l941 following the death of her husband. She was a painter and worked closely with author Gabrielle Roy. She wasappointed a Member of the Order of Canada in l973 for her contribution to the development and growth ofFrench theatre in Manitoba.

  • Peres Oblates Drive – Order of fathers.

  • Place Berube – Napolean Berube, Publisher of Les Cloches de Saint Boniface, an ecclesiastical and historical publication of the Diocese of St. Boniface. Died in March 1932.

  • Place Corbeil – Louis Philippe Corbeil, born in Saskatchewan in l918. He moved to St. Boniface with his familyin l920. He was involved with La Societe Historique du St. Boniface, following the destruction of the St.Boniface Cathedral by fire in l968. (this is possibly the individual La Society had in mind when it submitted thename Corbeil to the St Boniface Street Reserve List) Father Osias Corbeil, priest, born l867 in Sainte-Scholastique, Que. Ordained in l894, he arrived in Manitoba in l896 to become the parish priest in St. Adolphe.Died in April 1918.

  • Place Joyal – Mr. Emile Luc Joyal settled in St Norbert in l900. He has a harness maker with five children. All five children became teachers, spending a total of l08 years in the education profession, many at the Boys’ School in St Norbert. The family lived in what is now Maison Turenne.

  • Place Marcoux – submitted by the St. Boniface Historical Society in May 1984 for having significant historical value.

  • Pynoo Place – from St. Boniface street list.

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